Ephraim Wegner

xCoAx 2015

Drei Mal Acht || 24 is a performance for a personal computer, a human being, a “construction kit” of various text fragments, a “steering force” motivated particle system and the audience.

Starting with simple text fragments about very basic bodily functions which are usually taking place without any reflection or conscious control, like blinking or breathing, the work combines different layers of text, human interaction, computational process and perception.

Various algorithms (used to define how particles interrelate to each other) are waiting in line to successively hijack the parameters of granular synthesis in a Csound data set created for live interaction. The particles roam, along apparently random coordinates, continuously trying to find the best way in an ongoing calculation process. In combination with concentric circles the particles move towards each other simulating an emergent system and implying further fields of association.


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