2012-11-30 to 12-31

8-Channel Installation by Ephraim Wegner and Julia Weinmann

Aubette 1928 Straßbourg
02.00 – 06.00 pm, Free entrance

All audio recordings are taken inside the ruins of former hotels, a fascinating world between decay and renewal. In each of these buildings lots of people have lived for only a few days or weeks, sometimes even years – many short episodes and individual stories started and ended here. „Lieu“ and „non-lieu“ as shunning poles, for a „lieu“ never disappears completely, just as there is no absolute „non-lieu“ existing.
What remains, is the complicated dynamic of identity and relation, space and time. Inspired by these impressions, both artists built some kind of virtual hotel composed of former much frequented, now abandoned rooms of extensive holiday resorts. By being taken through this scenario, the auditor is creator of his very own individual fantasy-world. The sounds of gigantic concrete structures and the nearby sea, the presence of several, quite small appearing individuals develop an independent existence and also give an idea of former activity.
As places change their appearance and atmosphere by certain – sometimes more or less overlapping – events, the character of sound is deconstructed into different time scales, analysed and afterwards modified.


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